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It’s a nice ten billion degree day here in Los Angeles, and what better way to celebrate than helpin’ out Semi-Famous?  We have 20 days to go, and $20,000 to raise.  Which seems pretty reasonable.

Take a look at our incentives and see if you can help us reach our goal!  Even $1 helps.  And if you can’t swing $1, you can help us out by spreading the word!




We’re coming down to the wire here.  We’ve got 20 days to go and we’re short a mere $20,000.  

Please check out our IndieGoGo Campaign here and take a look at some of our awesome incentives.

Even $1 helps!

And so does spreading the word!

Thanks for the support, everybody!

Oh my god yes

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"Semi-Famous" Episode 1 — "Casting" from Semi Famous on Vimeo.

This post is on behalf of good-sirs Wilder Shaw and Ezra Edmond, who are in the midst of a crowdsourcing campaign for a web mini-series with a lot of heart and a lot of—metaphorical—balls. I love these guys, I love this project, and I love metanarratives: it’s a project about following your dreams, in the midst of the creators following theirs!:

Why do you need so many munnies?

We shot the first two episodes out of our own pockets and nearly bankrupted ourselves.  To make the next eight episodes and finish Season 1’s story, we need some of your hard-earned American dollhairs.

"But how could you need so much money for just a simple web-series?"

Good question, passing glancer!  I’ll tell ya.

We budgeted each episode at about 3k - some a little more, some a little less.  This money goes to cameras, lights, sound equipment, makeup equipment, hard drives to store footage on, props, costumes, food, the ever expensive monster that is post-production, and all the other goodies of filmmaking.  We’d also love to pay our cast and crew a little something for their dedication and hard work.

Take a look at our perks!  We hope you like at least one of them.  Preferably the most expensive one.

Check out the first two episodes and support the good work.

– OJ Patterson, Tin Level Contributor

Major ups to our good friend and “official” scribe of the Bay Area comedy scene OJ Patterson for giving Semi-Famous a shout out.  

We’re pushing towards locking in Episode 4, y’all!  Woo! 

If you don’t follow his blog Courting Comedy, make sure you do.  You won’t be disappointed. 

My ALS Awareness Ice Bucket Challenge video.

In addition to donating, I’ve chosen to dump a bunch of ice water on my head.  Please take a look at the ALS website, and see if you can get involved in some way or another.

Story of my life, minus the actual kissing

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Major ups to my good friends and Degrassi stars Annie Clark and Chloe Rose for giving my web-series Semi-Famous a shout out!

They might just appear in an upcoming episode, so if y’all are fans, be sure to send some dollars our way and help make that happen!

[support semi-famous here]

Standard stuff

Standard stuff

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GIF.  Of.  The.  Year.

GIF.  Of.  The.  Year.

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Check out Episode Two of my web-series, Semi-Famous, and please help join the fight to fund the next eight episodes.

Help me, random Tumblr fans of indeterminate origin, you’re my only hope.



Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls…
Semi-Famous is launched.

Our IndieGoGo campaign to crowdsource the remaining eight episodes has been officially unveiled.

After two years of hard work, we’re ready to rock and roll.  All night long.  Sweet Suzie.

Episode 1 is up right now, and Episode 2 will be up next week!  And if you love it, throw us ten million dollars to make the next eight.

Ezra and I could not be prouder of how these two episodes came out, and we hope you can help us reach our goal.  And, as of now with the donations we’ve reached, we’re officially locked in for Episode 3!  Help us make the crawl towards locking down Episode 4!

Thank you all so much for your support!  We love you all equally.
Well, except for GOB.  We never much cared for him.

- Wilder

What ‘e said!

Are dogs even real

This guy gets it

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